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July. 01· Social Responsibility and Strategic Management, office newly open
April. 26· Busan, Gyunggi A+ Center newly open


Dec. 01· The Departmet of Smart Agricultre newly open
June. 28· FACT Office relocation complete
May. 01· Social Value Creation team newly open


July. 20· Main Office relocation
July. 01· Job Center, newly open
Mar. 08· Seoul, Sejong A+ Center newly open


Dec. 24· Designated as outstanding institution of the contribution of education(Ministry of Education)
Sep. 01· Expanding the center specialized in support for agricultural food venture and business foundation(Gumi, Chuncheon, Anseong)
July. 07· Designated as outstanding institution of labor-management culture(Ministry of Employment and Labor)
June. 01· Operating an emission trading system in the area of agricultural food(Green growth law)
May. 19· Receiving a Prime Minister citation on the 51st invention day


Nov. 26· Certified as a family-friendly agency(Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
June. 17· Founding a center specialized in support for agricultural food venture and business
Jan. 01· Certified the ability of marine environment measuring and analyzing(Ministry of Cceans and Fisheries)


Sep. 12· Designated as a water quality analyzing agency by the GyeongGi-Do Provincial Government.
Mar. 14· Designated as a certification institute for low carbon agricultural and livestock products by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
Jan. 13· Designated as a testing and certification institute for feeds by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.


Aug. 19· Designated as the specialized evaluation agency for the support of quotation on the KOSDAQ by the Korea Exchange.
April 26· Designated as the technology trust administration agency by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.
Mar. 26· Designated as public trust management technology (from MOTIE).


Mar. 26· Designated as public announcement and quality certification organization for organic agricultural product.


Dec. 2· Delegated disposal & management of RDA's government-owned patents (from KIPO).
July 11· Designated as organization for checking procured goods (by PPS).
Jan. 21· International Accredited Testing Laboratory (KOLAS):8 sectors.


July 5· Designated as the first tech. transfer agency/tech. evaluation center in food, agri.,forestry and fisheries industry (by MIFAFF).
Jan. 29· Designated as a quasi-governmental organization for entrusted implementation.


Sep. 7· Registered establishment and official commencement of Foundation Operation.
Mar. 16· Launched the Preparatory Committee for FACT foundation.
Mar. 5· Revised Rural Development Act, established FACT foundation background.